Australia has squandered it’s future through incompetent politicians

The last two terms of labour under the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd fiasco squandered the greatest resources boom in Australian history. Labour goverments throught their history have never managed to achieve a surplus – too busy promising the gullable Australian voters (we all have to vote on penalty of a fine – wonder how many would bother if […]

Transport chaos ahead – lack of any sustainable Vision from any flavour of Victorian politician.

I am one of the lucky Victorians who can choose, most of the time, not to travel in the peak hours on our roads or rail networks. I am Successive State Governments have failed miserably in their attempts to come up with a viable medium to long term startegy for Victorian transportation infrastructure, and henc […]

Mad Promises and Cynical Lies – The Andrews Victorian Government!

Thus screamed the headlines in the Herald Sun on Thursday 16th April 2015. “Dan the Man Andrews” – he dubbed himself as “his own man” has shown that he and his collegues are the worst kind of politicians – egotistical naieve liers. And they fooled the gulible Victorian Electorate in September 2014 with their undeliverable […]